Dart Flight School

GDG - NIT, Warangal organised Dart Flight School on 16th Feb, 2014. It was the first event to be conducted by GDG-NITW and needless to say the event went very smoothly. A total of about 60 people turned up on Sunday morning for learning Dart. Dart is the new web programming language by Google. More details on Dart could be found the website.

Dart Flight School is a series of events conducted world wide to celebrate the stable release of Dart. The main aim of the event was to spread awareness among the student developers of National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NITW). It came by no surprise that students were really enthusiastic about learning a new language which was very similar to the existing languages they knew and at the same time gave them the opportunity to develop web apps rapidly.

The Dart Flight School event was divided in two parts, the first part was taken up by me which essentially introduced the students to Dart. I tried covering the basic syntax structure of Dart by giving them examples from Dart Flight School PPT and by showing various code samples. The introductory session lasted for about an hour, and gave the students a heading to start coding in Dart. After my session, we had a technical break in which students interacted with me asking various questions on Dart and GDG. During this time, the students who did not install Dart SDK, were encouraged to do so and take whatever help they wanted on getting their Dart examples to run.

The second session for the day was taken by Sudheesh. Sudheesh is an Open Source enthusiast who contributes to Mozilla and loves good UI/UX. Sudheesh had planned to take a session on AngularDart and NodeJS. He started by covering basics of Javascript and then gradually moved to introduce Angular. Sudheesh built a translation app for showing the students how Angular binds well with Dart. The presentation slide used by Sudheesh can be found here.

Special thanks to Shrey, Stephanie and Seth for making this event successful. The community here at NIT, Warangal is hoping to conduct more such events on various Open Source technologies.

The photo gallery for the event can be found here.

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