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I have been home from past 1.5 weeks, and from the day I have reached home, I became busy with making my Google Summer of Code Proposals. It had been a tiring time, looking around for more projects, trying to tailor the Proposal as much as possible, taking help from mentors and other senior people in the industry. Truth being told, I loved the workflow last week, and I am looking forward to this summer and contributing code to open source :D

So now coming to the projects I have applied to, here are my proposals (You can go through them, and if interested give me some feedback on them):

1. Implementing Custom Functions in Calculator
2. Integrating Cydin with Banshee

My last blog post, gave a little insights to my first project. The second project deals with Integrating an open source module called Cydin with Banshee. Banshee, is an open source Music Player, written in C#. Banshee happens to be packaged with all leading Linux Distributions and is one of the most widely used Music Player.

My project with Banshee, deals with integrating Cydin, an open source library to manage Plugins in any Mono.Addins Project. Currently the problem faced with Banshee is that the external plugins which are developed are mostly hosted at github by concerned developers. Due to this, the user-base of the plugins go low. The only way, the plugins reach the Linux users is when a distribution plans to package it with Banshee (which happens very rarely). To overcome this problem, the project of integrating Cydin comes in to play. Cydin provides a platform for managing plugins without any problems.

More details will follow through, as I learn about Cydin and hack a little of Banshee in the coming weeks. If you have not tried Banshee yet, do download and try it out. The detailed installation of Banshee is provided here.

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