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It's been a while since I have posted, and no one is to be blamed but me. Academics and College life kept me busy all this while. My second year at college comes to an end on 22nd April. I can't actually believe that I have completed 2 years at college, now the way is down hill. 2 years more! and I will be graduate! :D

Summer 2013 : Plans
Some weeks back, I was looking through 2012's Google Summer of Code projects and stumbled upon GNOME. For people who are reading this and don't know what gnome is, you can have a look here. Gnome is a desktop environment used by many Linux Distributions. Fedora 19 (Spherical Cow) uses Gnome 3.8, the interface is smooth and offers wide range of tools for making your life easier. One such tool is the Calculator, which I hopefully will be contributing to this summer. There are 2 project ideas under the calculator, and I am looking at adding custom functions to the calculator.

The custom functions will allow more flexibility to the users, and is targeted at the people who are in universities and schools. I am still working on the detail, on what all it's going to support. But be sure to check it out after Summer, probably around September. Once selected, I will create a public repository on Github, and you can download and try out the code on your machine. The application for Google Summer of Code 2013 goes live on 22nd April and closes on 3rd May. The results of the accepted projects comes out on 22nd May and the coding begins on June 17. More details on the Google Summer of Code can be found on : Summer of Code

Any suggestions on what all to include in the custom functions are welcome either as comments here or email. I can be reached at rashood dot khan at gmail dot com

Summer is fast approaching, and hence drink loads and loads of water! and do leave some water out for thirsty animals and birds :)

Till the next post (which is supposedly happening soon) ;)

The Guy Who Read Little
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