Google Summer of Code - NIT, Warangal Meetup

GDG - NIT, Warangal organised Google Summer of Code meet up on 2nd March, 2014. Google Summer of Code is the annual program run by Google for students studying in universities. The program provides an opportunity to students to work on real software projects during their summer vacations. The students are supposed to work from home on a open source project, and get paid 5500 USD. The projects which students do range from Content Management Systems(CMS) to Artificial Intelligence.

The meetup was organized for the student community at National Institute of Technology, Warangal. The main agenda for the day was to introduce the student community to Open Source and give them a exposure how things work around in an Open Source Community. The talk was given by Rashid, who contributes to the Tomboy.OSX and GNOME Calculator. The talk covered all the aspects of Google Summer of Code and clarified any doubts students had about the program.

After introducing Google Summer of Code and answering all program related questions, it was time for something cool. We had brought in a Leap Motion Controller for the event, just to show the students on latest development in technology. The students tried drawing some cool things using their fingers, and some smarly used a pen.

The last thing on the agenda was a hands on session on Git versioning system. We believe knowing a version controlling system is essential in today’s software development and it forms the back bone for supporting any project development which is distributed over continents. And the best choice to teach was git, due to its distributed nature and ease of learning. The students were showed the usage of basic commands used in git, and were encouraged to try them on the venue itself. This hands on session was an introduction to git.

The photos to the event can be found here.

The day came to end with students trying out various apps on Leap Motion Controller and commiting code on git. A poll was taken to organize next events, and the students would love to learn about Game Development on Mobile Devices. All the students reading this are in for treat, as we are planning an event on Mobile Game Development.

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