Hello Android!

 Planning to work on Android Development? Few tips which might come in handy!

Setting up your machine for Android Development is a major project before you set up with making your app. Problems Problems and more of problems keep coming on and on! Solution - if you are lucky you might find one! or else keep looking. Well worry not, all your prayers will be heard!

Today, I sat down to set my machine up for Android Development. It so turned out that Android SDK was not able to recognize the JDK and JRE on my computer. Even after, several uninstallation and installation it din't work.

Finally I found a very easy way to set up your machine for development. Single Download of 400Mb and that's it. The Nvidia Tegra Android Development Kit - has everything you would need for making your Android App!

Download the tegra-dev-pack 1.0 for windows. I have just tried for Windows and works perfectly! The package includes the following :
  • Android SDK r18
  • Android NDK r8
  • JDK 6u24
  • Cygwin 1.7
  • Eclipse 3.7.1
  • CDT 8.0.0
  • ADT 15.0.0
  • Apache Ant 1.8.2
  • NVIDIA Debug Manager for Eclipse 12.0.0
  • Tegra Sample Code
The package is available for OSX, Windows ( 32 / 64 bit ) & Ubuntu (32 / 64 bit)

This seems the best solution to get you started with Android Development Setup! Once you install the package, upgrade it.

-The Guy Who Read Little

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