Well, technically this is my second post on the blog. I had made another blog a year back, its url is
Anyway, I always wanted a blog on Blogger, for reasons unknown. I think maybe it looks cool. And I finally have it now. I am no great writer, leave alone "great", I am no writer. Today I feel I am nobody in this world; Its not that I am feeling lonely or anything. I sat down today evening in a great conversation with my myself and realised I have not achieved anything worth in this 19 years of life yet. I have had access to the best of best facilities, and I made no good use of anything available to me. I don't regret anything though. Its just its the thought which sometimes makes you think
And trust me, I have not got the answers of the two questions above. I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering in the country of 2 Billion people, 2000 Languages, Birth place of many religions, "0" was invented here; and by now you would have guessed which country I belong to. Yes, Its INDIA, HINDUSTAN, BHARAT.
There's nothing much Indian about me, except for my passport and colour. Oh yes the "Indian" accent too. I have lived in gulf more the majority of my life. First in Saudi Arabia - the country where oil is cheaper than water; and you get a litre of petrol free with a bar of snickers , And then in Abu Dhabi : which is a distant cousin of Dubai and where Plate numbers are actually costlier than cars. Its actually very interesting that most people don't really know Abu Dhabi, but know Dubai.
"Dubai : defined as The Vegas, without the casinos" - read it somewhere, can't recall at the moment where.
I don't have any idea where this blog post is heading.
I have too much in my small brain to write about. But now since I really want to maintain a blog, I will keep those topics for further posts. And let's hope the upcoming posts are well tailored and not written randomly on the night of 5-June-2012 at 11 am or so.

This was supposed to be an introduction to me, but I felt that it should not matter to people.
I am a person who is trying to create some changes around me, not for myself but for the people. Very small ones though.

"Future belongs to whose who HOPE" - read it on my father's wallpaper.

Signing off
- The Guy Who Read Little

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