Success - Not Immediately, But Definitely

"Success is a lousy teacher, it seduces the most smart ones - that they can never fail."  - Bill Gates
How does one describe success? Let's see, can it be described first of all? What one may think as success, the other one may not agree of it.
Here is something, what my Father has to say about how to be "Successful" 
"There is no secret of working hard. If you enjoy what you are doing you will automatically work hard. If you enjoy your work, you do not feel exhausted or bored and success gives you further boost to work more harder to maintain it. It is a chain reaction which continues" 

 A few words, on how I feel about Success. Success is not made in numbers, you cannot be called successful if you are having Billions of Dollars in your Bank Account. Success is a state of heart and mind. It is state when you are content with what you do. It does not mean you stop working! Its just a small mile stone achieved when you look at the larger picture. Success does not involve just thyself, but other people who work/study/live with you. What use is the knowledge if you keep it behind the locked doors, and just scribble it on white paper, just for Numbers!

Want to enjoy a glimpse of being Successful? Imagine, if a person smiles just because of your work, the immense happiness it gives to you. Now, Magnify the same Smiles to people around the world. Imagine the happiness that would bring? Cannot be described in words! :)

- The Guy Who Read Little

I think sucess is a journey and what you receive is a part of it.If you have satisfaction and you have worked hard then u will always enjoy your sucess.

For success or work to get done there are five things you require. First the intention of the person who is doing, then availability of the instruments or things needed to do the work, third is the willingness or mindset to do the work. Then doing the work at the right time, there is a time to do the work, if you don’t do it at the right time then there is no use. If you sow seeds in February then there is no use, you then cannot say that I sowed the seeds but nothing has come. You have to wait till April after the rain and then you sow the seeds and yield the results. So time is a very important factor.
And without grace of the divine there will be no success
so Do your Karma and with that do the Seva and Sadhna. Your sucess should be benefecial to not only you but to whole society, to the mankind and it should reflect the true spirit of being you...and the most important
None of your efforts will go waste that you should be assured about, if not now you will see the results later.

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