Summer Diaries 2013 - May 5

"If you can get your dev environment set up, the rest is easy to get through"
I read the above quote while learning Ruby on Rails, and well its true. Setting up the development environment is the toughest job while developing something. Always one or the other library is missing, and the usual routine follows -

aptitude search <missing library>
aptitude install <missing library>

If you are Linux user, then aptitude is a must have package for managing other packages. It makes life easy, you can search, install, remove and do everything possible you can think of related to packages and libraries. Its been a week or two since my holidays started and finally I have set up my machine (the beast, oh yes!) for development of projects that follow the Summer 2013.

If you are reading this, and are really bored for the summer, i.e. don't have anything productive to do, I suggest you to learn some things from Coursera. They have courses from all domains which includes but not restricted to Computer Science, History, Medicine, Maths and Music too. A course is being offered to learn Guitar, now how cool is that! Learn Guitar for free from worlds best teachers. Not only that, it offers you a certification of completion/distinction on successfully completing the course.

I was really happy today, as I have set up my machine for development, and thought it deserved a blog post! I am posting a picture of my Workstation, oh yes! It is awesome, and hopefully it will help me generate loads and loads of code over this summer.

Do let me know, which courses you plan to take on Coursera, and there are many sites out there for learning. If you want to learn to code, be sure to check Codecademy, they have good introductory courses.

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