So I setup my first personal site. Although I had a blog on blogspot from a year or two?, but getting a Github powered blog is the fad among Programmers. I am really impressed with just a domain and a github account you can do so much, i.e. a personal blog without having a hosting plan and now that’s Fancy!

I have been using Github for about 6 months now, but became really active in the past month. This change happened when I saw my name come up in Banshee’s Contributor list on new year’s eve, and decided that year 2014 should be the year of code and contribution.

Currently I am involved with Tomboy and Calculator projects, both of them falling under the umbrella of GNOME. Tomboy is a note taking utility, and its one app which makes me highly productive as I keep notes for each and every conversation I have, be it with myself or others! The Calculator project is the standard Calculator which comes with GNOME distribution. More updates would follow on those and other projects on the blog with time.

This blog is built using Jekyll and hosted on Github. Instructions on building the blog from scratch and hosting using Github would follow soon.


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